Transcervical Insemination  This endoscopic method of insemination occurs while the female is fully awake and has results equal to surgical insemination. Why risk anesthetic complications when there's a safe, better alternative?
  Dr. Mike Freeman looks at a monitor while performing a transcervical insemination.

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Early preparation and planning are essential for a successful breeding. Dr. Mike Freeman believes your female should have a full physical exam, including a full blood profile with thyroid test, about three months before breeding so she can be in the best shape possible.

A full blood profile is recommended to affirm that all internal organs are functioning properly. All certification, eyes, hips, etc., for your breed should also be done at this time. Within thirty days of breeding, a Brucellosis (blood) test is needed.

Breeders who wish to utilize Fresh Express or frozen semen should make arrangements for purchase of semen with the owner of the sire well in advance of their bitch's breeding time. Our clinic and local canine clubs can help owners locate sires for breeding. The stud's owner should be informed of all test results as the bitch nears her breeding time.

Start bringing your bitch to our clinic around day three of her estrus cycle for progesterone testing and vaginal slide. These procedures are important tools used in predicting ovulation time. It is common to use at least two of these tests in conjunction to increase accuracy. Absolute progesterone, LH and target tests are also used in place of or in addition to the status pro and vaginal slides.

Once the bitch has reached her fertile period she can be naturally bred or artificially inseminated, A/I. A/I can be performed vaginally or surgically. Transcervical insemination is used when using frozen semen. This endoscopic method of insemination occurs while the female is fully awake and has results equal to surgical insemination.  Progesterone levels are monitored during pregnancy. A sonogram is used to detect and monitor pregnancy at 24 days after breeding.

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